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This website has been created to inform you the style of Kudo Daido Juku and how it improves the fitness and ability of any individual who wishes to learn how to defend themselves. Kudo Daido Juku is a growing sport that has over 43 countries practicing the style and has local and world tournaments held for its members.

We have everything you need to know about Kudo Daido Juku in the United Kingdom, from the history all the way to current events, we also have videos, photos and training venue information. If you wish to get more information or have any questions about kudo please click on the contact us link.

Kudo is a style which has various techniques from muay thai, boxing, jujutsu, sambo, submission wrestling and other martial arts.
What is Kudo
One of the purposes of martial arts, especially “Budo” is to train the mind and body to become strong and utilize that strength for the improvement of our community.
What is Kudo
Also it is a useful method of cultivating the youth who will contribute to the society through the tough times and events in their life. “ku” means three important philosophical concepts.
What is Kudo


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